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This website is the official reference web site of Lars Olof Känngård. Here you can read and follow links to an amazing 45 + year entrepreneurship, positioned in the front of new markets as they where born.
Before you read any further, you should read the page about me being dyslexic, you may find grammatical errors, which shouldn't get you to disqualify the website or the content, it’s a hidden handicap, which is a gift to be able to see and do things others don’t see. There will be a feature where you can contribute your suggestions, look on the top,,,,


TOTAL RENOVATION, this website is undergoing a complete redesign, restructuring to pave the way for a lifetime life noel. To use the time for a better purpose, while waiting for the Covid restriction and risk to be less hazardous, I decided to create this new website design. It has also a new family history page as well many more pages soon be published. The old website, you can still find on this link:

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My life and achivenets

I have many times been askt to tell more about my background as a solution provider, which started as I was a kid. Therefore you will here find a story about my childhood and a few memories from the early 60th when I did live with my lovely Mom and Dad outside Stockholm City, today more like central Stockholm, in a sub-district namely Malardalen. You can click on the links to the right or just scroll down to the section 'Childhood ideas'.


Innovations, solutions, and ideas

You will find a lot of descriptions here on the website that created ideas, solutions, and innovations which become known as early at my age of just reaching 15 years old.


Tech-duo for 38 years

I should state that all the ideas and innovations from the early 80th till today, stand on unique teamwork between myself and Mats Engström. Lars and MatsI always present Mats as the 'scientist' and I am the free-thinker who sees things that can be changed.
Neither of us has an academic background, but rest assured, Mats turns every angel on any matter and backs his conclusions upon gathered facts. Mats can read and consumes books and facts, in a way few established academics would even come close to do.


The name Känngård

The Name Kanngard was a creation by our Dad, who was born Anderson, and as a sportsman at his young age, too many friends had the same family name, nearly like a baby-boom Andersons. The family history goes back to a small village, south of Hudiksvall, namely Enager, where for many generations the families have used a sommer-camp for their creatures. That was a tradition back then, to bring your cows, goats, and cheeps up in the mountains and let them go free, over the summer.
This very special place has the name Kannavallen and one day my Dad and Mother came up with the idea to change the name from Anderson to Kanngard, or as we spell it in English Kanngard. Read more and see the place click here.


Improve the Content

As I already have mentioned, I am dyslexic, which means in reality that my grammar and spelling or sentence building, is as I speak, for sure do not follows, what is normal rules. If you, would be so kind and help me to improve the content so my grammatical skills do not cause ulsters, you can easily copy a section, post it to me, and suggested corrections. Each text section has a text reference T#101, so it will be easy for me to make suggested adjustments.


Behöver din hjälp!

Om du har hamnat på denna hemsida och har varit med i något av alla initiativ Lars Olof Kanngard har varit med om och du har minnen, bilder eller annat, tacksam om du skicka ett majl till


Upps and down in a most active life

The journey has been like a roller-coaster, with early ideas and concepts as well as innovations, which at a later stage has turned into common standards or trends. There will come a page designated how good initiatives have sidestepped the originator in favor of personal gains, for intrusted partners, managements as well how administrations have, taken a nonfactual position and caused inconvenience. A coin has always two sides and if the original course on a well-planned path becomes diverted, the destination and the arrival place may look much different.

Story will come soon...

We made History for the mobile Industry

Before GSM was invented it was the NMT mobile phone system within the Noric countries back in the early 80th. At that time, mobile phone services were offered by the Swedish Government entity Televarket and its subsidiary Televerket Radio.

The very bright engineers who built invented and further developed the range of services have not been recognized fairly and what they did together with the private initiative has not been spoken about, so here are a few facts. In 1985 the team in Huddinge, who had started CompuText had started to work on voice technologies and was granted the right to port the huge Voicemail PDP 1174 systems to industry PC board solutions. The activities were headed by Lars Olof Kanngard supported by Sir. Dennis Finnigan and his brother Paul Finnigan in Santa Clara USA. When the first public Voicemail system came to be installed in the basement office of IFF-Institute For the Future and the newly established company Voicemail Svenska AB. The team was also supported by Torbjorn Faldin (Fäldin) former Prime minister and Chairman of Televerket. These very early events and new technologies entering the Swedish telecom network, draw the attention of Sven Modig, who at that time was a Product Development Manager at Televerket Radio. Televerket Radio becomes later Mobitel. Sven Modig had the idea to integrate Voicemail to the NMT system so that a user never would miss a call attempt and further integrated to the smallest Tone pager, the Philips Ap Telefon’s MiniCall. At this time 1986, there was no mobile system integrated with Voicemail services in Europe. The team who did the integration was Mats Engstrom, Allan Varcoe, and Per Melin, besides Sven Modig and Lars Olof Kanngard. Torbjorn Faldin was trying to get Televerks board and Tele Finance to come in as a strategic partner and support the first public Voicemail solution in the Scandinavian countries. But they did not understand or grasp the larger picture of how much a Voicemail solution does save and how much more revenues a Voicemail system would generate.

My Childhod • My Dad • My Lovely Children

A pictures says more than 1,000 words.

My Childhood

Will become a long chapter in my eNovel with many stories and memories. It will cover the places where I have lived, where we have spent the great times of my childhood and many of the memories, better to put it in writing while I still remember them.

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I want to share what I couldn't attend

On April 26, 2021, I was able to finally reach my Dad by phone. He had been hospitalized, due to some minor issues, unfortunately, after a quick stop at Huddinge hospital he was admitted to a smaller hospital, where he did not get the comfort he was used to, and after 6 days, they admitted him back to Huddinge hospital. They had not charged his mobile so we could not call. On the 26th of April, we had a very emotional and lovely conversation, we both did cry, of the absence of being distanced closer. On April 29, early in the morning, he slept in, and in peace, he had left, this early life.

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My Kids

Photos and memories will also be shared and now 2021 I also become grandfather so there is a lot to share.

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