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Lars Olof Känngård, born in Stockholm 
on the eight (8) day of October
 in the year 1956.

This website is the official reference web site of Lars Olof Känngård. Here you can read and follow links to an amazing 40 + year entrepreneurship, positioned in the front of new markets as they where born. You can also visit to find other links to other websites within the Känngård family activities. See pictures of Lars Olof Kanngard you can, just click here..

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More about companies or concepts, which Lars Olof has either innovated or being part of, created and also been brought out to the market, you can visit the LOKiP House web portal.

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Do you want to get any new information about the latest project and concept, the e-lysium system and concept, which gave the inspiration to create ViA - Virtual Instant Access which later become the ViA Card group of companies. You can also visit any of the market concepts, card concepts and card programs developed and in some cases innovated by Lars Olof Känngård, which also will be described in the same website. Some of these concepts, had earlier up to 2010 their own websites, namely; are,,,, and many more, which no longer are online. The ViA concept and its new revolutionary introduction of a new global security standard which will prevent both credit, debit and stored value or multi purpose stored value card financial crimes as well as the STS - Secure Transaction String and SCT Secure card Transaction innovation will prevent future identity Frauds and secure how we share data between many users and systems.

Lars Olof Känngård (Kanngard) have been involved and worked with planning and implementing electronic systems, routines and developed Business Concept Innovations, since early 70’s.

A number of these spearheaded creations, are today known as e-business, e-commerce or as Lars Olof Kanngard put it him self 1999 in a speech; "- The computer industry has joined the entrepreneurs and finally understood that earnings derives from applications in the new @-age".

" Where others see a problem, Lars sees a new business.
When others says, “that’s not possible, Lars will find a solution.
When others don’t believe that others can achieve, Lars will give them the chance.
The true values in life are not bills and coins, it is what you have shared and achieved for others." states Lars Olof on his upcoming 50th birthday, marked 37 years of entrepreneurship. Today 2015 he will celebrate 45 years as spearheaded entrepreneur and innovator.

Mr. Kanngard made his first, registered, innovation already before reaching the age of 15, the SAFETY LOK SYSTEM a radio frequency mirror (today known as RFID), embedded in a price tag in the supermarket the innovation would notify the staff of a shoplifting attempt and another version for banks and money transportations, where the same device, but larger would be part of the money-band (wrapped around the bank bills) and via a monitor system a bank robbery can be tracked block by block as he moves or drive a car.

To have something in his hand and convert it to something more, is just part of who Lars is, which was evident even at earlier age. At the age of three, when Lars Olof started to sell used bottle caps to neighbors and could by him self buy a toy or a candy, for sure empowered him to trust 'Entrepreneurial thinking' from start.

Background and Experience

Lars Olof Kanngard's formal education is "just" the basic school up to the 8th degree, and from that age he has been working hard in the high-school and the university of life and claims that he is still a student.. As early as mid 70th Lars Olof came in contact with Video production, at that time, limited to Betamax, later also VHS, where Lars Olof invented a protection system for preventing Piracy protection of the video media as well as a complete member-rental system solution. This innovation came to be realized by a Joint Venture between LG Ridderstad (FTV Företags Television AB) under the name of VDC - Video Distribution Central AB and VIDEORENT, where Addressograph-Multigraph and DataCard US, as well as OCR Cruse AB in Sweden, which reached the market 1979.

This innovation "VDC" become the first in the world secure video rental solution, where each copied video cesset had a unique ID number encoded as part of the picture-frame, where also subtitles are encoded. Each video casette where thereafter identified by an applied standard plastic card from DataCard, with heat and clue, in the center of the casette and a duplicate of that ID card was inserted in the Video Box cover which was manufactured with a small card pocket on its back.

At each rental instance, the card from the Video-box cover PLUS the card from the consumers where placed in the Card imprinter from AM Addressograph and each of the card-slips where later read by OCR readers.

Lars Olof Kanngard has innovated, developed and implemented the first real public outsource Governmental public service. This took place in Stockholm Sweden 1987/88 when the Försäkringskassan (Government Department Social Security) for the social security system in Sweden.

The story, on how it likely become the first outsourced public service in the world, where the Government did pay per transactions (per call) has its roots from that the Swedish Government, suddenly where forced to halt any investment projects, due to budget-cuts. Lars Olof had no chance to survive his company buy losing such a huge contract and understanding the dilemma of the Government, he than invented the solution;

The company will invest in the technology and make all the installations and the Government will pay per call........



In early 80th Lars Olof and his IT team in Huddinge, who at that time where established in Flemingsberg, in a suburb to Stockholm, they came to write history when they first open the first FREE and public e-mail and e-conference system COMPUTEXT as a BBS Service. Shortly thereafter Lars Olof came to meet Sir Dennis Finnigan and his brother Paul Finnigan from Santa Clara, USA. Pau Finnigan was the innovator to Voicemail and also the owner of the US trademark and brand Voicemail.
Here to the right, a historical picture, with Paul Finnigan in the middle, Lars Olof Kanngard to the Right and Gary Brandt to the left. At the inauguration of the first public service for Voicemail in Northern Europe and Scandinavia.
During 1998 the large Swedish Office supply and system conglomerat ESSELTE AB decided to buy up a group of companies, which Mr. Kanngard had established around a non profit foundation IFF - Institutet För Framtiden (The Institute For the Future). Mr. Kanngard was appointed to the General manager for ESSELTE VOICE AB.
As the General Manager and President for ESSELTE VOICE, a division within ESSELTE AB, Mr. Kanngard developed Voice services and systems. ESSELTE VOICE became the largest system producer in Europe at that time and made with its innovations big landmarks and created industry de facto standards. Mr. Kanngard was also during this time involved in the creation of controlling bodies for premium rate services as well as consumers rights. Made the strategic plans for AT&T and ESSELTE to build up Fulfillment Centers across Europe 1990.


Paul Finnigan & Lars Olof Kanngard


Mr. Kanngard and his team of key-manager has during these years 1984 to 1998 started up several larger Fulfillment Centers, Call Centers and companies in the parsley-populated regions which has handled complete transactions and functions for the customers, such as order, customer support, telemarketing, as well as market research and public surveys and public polls.

All the work and system solutions have in most cases been based on DEC Digital Equipment. All the public Voicemail, Audiotex and Voice Response centers was between the years of early 80 up to 1989 fully built on Pdp1184 and VAX.

Mr. Kanngard and he's team, was given the exclusive rights 1985 to bring down the "large" PDP based VOICEMAIL system and function structure to PC level systems. Paul Finnigan, the original inventor and patent holder of Voicemail gave us large trust and we where very successful in our implementation. The key team consisted from start, with Mats Engström (Engstrom), Allan Varco and Per Melin, to mention a few.

Mr. Kanngard has also built up, back-office facilities and fulfillment centers including SMART system & software solutions, educational program for staff who should from remote centers handle research within the field of consumers’ media behavior on a daily basis.

Lars Olof Kanngard has innovated and later being responsible for building from scratch (1994) a complete business plan to become the first Pan-European Telecom-operator—today known as Telitel,but created as TeliTel AB.

The experiences has involved all the steps from developing new systems platforms, integrate telephony with back-office and operator software, with integration to Internet.

As a pioneer in the field of public services, Mr. Kanngard and his team of young software engineers, in the early 1983 was one of the firsts who launched a public "E-Mail", email system (CompuText) based on what, at such time was called; BBS systems, in Scandinavia, maybe in the world? 

This was the first public E-mail and BBS Service, FREE of charge and outside a campus - CompuText, with both e-mail (email) and electronic conference system (Chatting) functions as well as a free-text search engine.

Later sponsored by Digital Equipment Sweden, who donated a VAX-computer (Vax 730), which at such time was a gigantic gift and gave the team new energy to make further spearhead developments.

Lars Olof  Kanngard also started up, the first public service bureau for VOICEMAIL 1986 in Scandinavia. See historical picture of Paul Finnigan, Lars Kanngard and Garry Brandt, taken in Huddinge where the first public Voicemail Service Center was built back in 1986 and 1987.

Lars Olof  Kanngard is also one of the cofounder to the very well reputed Association for the Voice and Messaging industry in the world -  VMA - Voice Mail Association in Europe. The first world-conference was held and arranged by Mr. Kanngard in Stockholm, Huddinge.

In the years of 1989-1992 launched the 900 and 800-services with Audiotex Voice Response Services in 9 European countries under the organization Voicemail Sweden AB / Voicemail Scandinavia SA which later become ESSELTE Voice AB.

During the period of 1993-1998 Lars Olof Kanngard started up a Swedish telecom operator TELITEL AB and also a research company Trendit, which created directly and indirectly hundreds of new jobs in the small town of Solleftea in Sweden. The initiative was also the tipping-point for changing the trend of people leaving Solleftea as a former military city to now become an IT and Telecom City, where also vital buildings and a history has able to be kept to future generations at Nipan.

Lars Olof Kanngard emigrated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in June 1998 where he besides operating his own company McGordons Ltd also become the Business Development Manager for and under the creation of Dubai Internet City 1999. one of many great creations by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

During his time at DIC he also created the concept of making DIC to start a TLD which came to be based on a proposed TLD to ICANN of ".GO" and ".Dubai". Likely this was the first time dot go or ".GO" came to be used, likely in the world.

Lars Olof Kanngard came also to become involved in the work around ICANN and when the discussions and the ideas started to come up to the surface to make it possible to have multi-lingush domain name, Lars Olof become directly involved in MINC and also become the founding member to start the Arabic Internet Name Consortium, reed more click here.

Lars Olof Kanngard came later in 2003/2004 to start to develop an idea of how to change the traditional model of how we have clear and transact for bankable consumers into how we can serve the vast majority of consumers in the world, the NON BANKEBLE. This came to be the foundation for how Mr. Kanngard made a revolutionary Business Model and revenue Model Innovation, which was given the name ViA Instant Access and become known as the ViA concept and the ViA Model.

Mr. Kanngard's strength is to be able to see things in a larger perspective and how to integrate things, without reinventing the wheel again, and how things can be brought together from isolated pieces into a homogeneous solution and how to build bridges between those areas, resulting in solutions or business which will stand on its own for years to come...

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Professional Experience in more details
Read Mr. Kanngard's (Känngård) Curriculum Vitae and all about his background and wide experiences.

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